IGF-1 100mcg HGH

IGF-1 100mcg HGH

Active component
IGF-1- Insulin-like Growth Factor
Form release:
10 ml bottle 100 mcg

IGF1 is being called a miracle cure for diseases that have otherwise stumped the scientific community. The insulin type growth factors are said to hold the benefits that certain growth hormones possess because they are in fact a part of the cycle of growth in muscles and human tissue.

Because the body withers with age if it is not looked after properly the use of IGF1 in supplements has created the illusion that the compound hold some kind of anti aging properties.

This in fact is not a complete truth but does hold some truth to the fact. Muscles deteriorate with age if protein and nutrition is lacking as well as a regular exercise program. Although taking the formulated IGF1 supplements will mean that your body has a better chance of retaining the muscle cells for longer and therefore looks as if your body is not aging as quickly as others who are not supplementing.

Often the IGF1 supplements are used in sports that are not tolerant of performance enhancing aids and the users find themselves in trouble within their selected sport. Being aware of what your sport decrees as illegal enhancers will prevent this problem from happening to you. IGF1 is now used in the prevention of kidney disease as well as used for fighting diabetes. Researchers continue to experiment with this compound that is found naturally in the body to see what other benefits they posses which will benefit people.