Simepar silymarin 40 tabs

Simepar silymarin 40 tabs
SIMEPAR Pharmacological action Combined preparation for treating diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Hepatoprotector. Thestructure of the drug is a complex of vitamins and extract of thefruits thistle.
 Simepar: double acting - double protection of the liver!
Normalizes the cell membrane and the structure of hepatocytes, has an antioxidant effect, accelerates the recovery of damaged liver parenchyma, thus enhances its detoxification function, and makes up for the deficiency of B vitamins in the liver and the body that occurs due to decreased ability of the liver to their accumulation in various hepatopathies, restores the biological substrates for normal metabolic processes.
When applying SIMEPARA not observed adverse effects and overdose, which generally indicates its good tolerability.
SIMEPAR shown not only as a drug in chronic alcoholism and its attendant diseases, it also serves as an effective hepatoprotector with toxic liver damage of various etiologies, infectious hepatitis, due to the action of silymarin is able to neutralize the toxins of poisonous mushrooms.
In addition, SIMEPAR take a preventive measure before the use of small doses of alcohol and fatty foods, with long courses of treatment with drugs potentially harmful to the liver, as well as an antidote for poisoning and hepatoprotector household fungal toxins or poisons.